Our facility recognizes other great business that we have done business with. Over our many years we would like to share a few and give others a chance to contact these businesses for themselves. We have made friends and developed a great relationship with the following businesses. If you would like to join our link page please contact us.


Automobile Accessories

  • Niagara┬áTruck Equipment– Our good friend Ken Schultz, at Niagara Truck equipment is a volume distributor of our transmissions and parts. They specialize in truck and off-road related items. They also carry snow plows and related items for the commercial and retail customer. They have great customer service and are a pleasure to do business with.
  • Vinyl graphics– Have you seen our delivery vehicle ? The guys at East Graphics did an excellent job on our delivery vehicle. Khris is the guy to contact for any of your vinyl graphics ( signs, banners, and design ). Tim is an excellent artist who designed all our logos and artwork. Thanks guys!

East Graphics- Vinyl graphics (click on pic. to enlarge) NOTE* phone number on vehicle is our old number and discontinued . Our current number is 716-646-4500

East Graphics- Vinly graphics

Automobile After Market Industry

  • Superior Lubricant– Superior Lubricant is our choice for all of of our automatic transmission fluids. We re-manufacture and dyno-test all of our transmission with their high quality ATF. With new transmission technologies being introduced, fluids like Dextron 6, Mercon V, and new Constant Velocity Transmissions (CVT) fluids are a necessity for proper operation and longevity of today’s transmissions. Special thanks goes to John our representative from Superior Lubricant, for the great service and products they supply.